Evolving Skies (Booster Box) Energy Break  *Baller Tier
Evolving Skies (Booster Box) Energy Break  *Baller Tier
Evolving Skies (Booster Box) Energy Break  *Baller Tier

Evolving Skies (Booster Box) Energy Break *Baller Tier

Regular price $120.00 Sale price$100.00

Collector Slot

Price:  Family *Tier:       $25 a spot    (1 Booster Box)

           Collector *Tier:   $50 a spot    (2 Booster Boxes)

           Baller *Tier:         $100 a spot  (4 Booster Boxes)

How Many: 8 Spots per break

What: Random *Energy Break 

Product: Evolving Skies Booster Boxes (36 Booster Packs per box)


Giveaways: Celebrations ETB & Dual V-Battle Deck

*Tiers: Different tiers give all collectors a chance to buy into a break of your preference.

Family Tier:     1 Booster Box per break

Collector Tier: 2 Booster Boxes per break

Baller Break :   4 Booster Boxes per break

*Energy Break: 8 Collectors will be assigned to one energy per spot, at random. Once all spots are filled, we will then start the break, ripping open packs 1-36 (in no specific order) and sorting the packs/cards, according to the energy card pulled from each pack . Once YOUR energy is pulled, only YOU will receive all the contents of that pack. After the break, your cards will be shipped within 24-48 hours. All hits will be sleeved and/or top-loaded!

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